Goal & Mission

What We Do

At (meet life), we’re committed to providing the highest quality of cleaning & maintenance services available by exceeding the expectations of our clients. It is our wish to create and maintain prosperous and enjoyable environments where performance can thrive.

We place value on the human aspect of our brand and we base our success on our ability to see our clients, not as numbers, prospects or jobs; but as people.

Best Practice: We’re happy to be judged on our performance so we can maintain the highest level of accreditation certification. Our goal is to lead by example and maintain the best practices and highest standards in the market.

Support: We believe real time reporting is a fundamental requirement when it comes to servicing our client’s needs. Because of this, it’s important to ensure we are aware of real time site activity.

Operational Excellence: We understand the challenges to maintain consistent quality in dynamic environments. This is why we have developed an operations excellence model to ensure, be it a cleaning & maintenance service person or a customer service manager, our people understand their roles and responsibilities across a multi-layered service structure to mitigate risk, ensure quality and provide peace of mind at all times.

Empowerment: At (meet life), we consider it our responsibility to provide support and valuable contributions to the quality of peoples’ lives beyond the scope of our operations. The role that a clean, safe and hygienic environment plays in making people happy cannot be underestimated.

Protect: (meet life) policy promotes a zero harm and injury free work environment. This policy is applied at contract level through trained cleaning operatives. Our belief is that your employees, patients, clients, students and other visitors all deserve a clean and safe environment to operate within.